What We Do

Fly Fishing Outings

We get together once or twice a month to fish in a local stream or lake.

Trout, bluegill, bass, goggle eye, sunfish, catfish, gar, carp, crappie, tuna, shark, redfish, tarpon, bonefish, snook, salmon, pike, grayling and many other species have all been chased by at least one of us over the years. Some of us specialize  in bluegill fishing, some in bass and some others in trout. Most of us fish for what ever species is biting good at the time.   

Fly Tying

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month to ty flies.

A number of our members ty their own flies. We even have a world famous tier in the club. Everyone in the club finds great joy in sharing their knowledge of fly fishing with others and meetings often turn into learning sessions.   

Presentations & Projects

We give fly fishing presentations or stream aquatics presentations to community groups. We are also involved with local conservation projects. 

We teach fly fishing and fly rod casting lessons for youth groups and service organizations with rod kits that we built as a club. The kits were donated by Batson Enterprises 

The Roubidoux Fly Fishers have been involved with stream improvement projects over the years with the Missouri Department of Conservation. We might be planting trees to help improve stream banks or monitoring water quality or helping to build sky hooks for improved stream habitat or helping the MDC with fish surveys or fish plantings.